A Sparky Domestic Electrician is an approved OLEV charge point installer and can arrange the government grant to pay up to 75% of the cost of having an electric vehicle charger fitted in your home providing you meet a few requirements. 

Below are the Main Requirement.

1)    You must have private off street parking.

2)    You must own an electric car or lease ( for a minimum of 6 months ) or be the named primary user of a company electric car ( for a minimum period of 6 months ).

3)    You electric car must be eligible for the grant ( see link below for a list of approved cars )

                      Eligible cars


4)    The charger must be installed by an OLEV approved installer.
For more information on the full requirements or a quote please call 07881 338046 

Electric cars have come a long way from the day they were introduced. There is now a large range of cars and vans to choose from.

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olev grant
kettering electrician
olev grant
kettering electrician
olev grant
kettering electrician
olev grant
kettering electrician

There are many benefits from owning an electric car. More and more cities are providing free parking for electric cars and there is no road tax to pay or London congestion charge to pay. The goverment will also pay the first £4500 for a new electric car and 75% of the cost of having a charger fitted at home. Maintenance is minimal as there is no oil or coolant to check or replace.

Saving money while being green is also a great benefit.

According to a spokesman for Renault, using the Twizy to drive 130 miles a week would equate to roughly £3 per week - or £156 a year - based on three charges a week and domestic electricity at 14p/kwh unit.

And The Nissan Leaf can drive up to 109 miles before it needs to be recharged according to a spokesman, it costs £2.03 to charge it from flat to full from a domestic home charger.

Range is not really a concern any more with the cars being able to travel longer on a single charge and public charge points popping up all over the place plus fast chargers capable of charging an electric car to 80% in 15 minutes which are being installed in urban areas as well as all service stations on the motorways which are also free to use if you use ecotricity as your home domestic energy supplier.

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